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We are a renowned web development company lslighton. We offer a wide range of services in web design.  Such services include design and development of websites, website support and maintenance, wordpress plugin development, search engine optimisation and e-commerce website design. We have different teams of highly skilled personnel to work on specific tasks. The following is a description of our services:

Website design and development.

This is one of the most popular services that we offer. It entails coming up with the architecture of the website. In other words, web design involves specifying how different elements of the website will appear, specifying the graphics to be used and setting specific dimensions of the website. After specifying the architecture of a website, we begin the actual development of the website. Actual development involves writing codes that will be executed when a site is visited.

Website support and maintenance.

This service involves solving problems that arise after a website is fully developed. It can also involve adding more functionalities in order to meet the increasing needs of the owner of the website .

Wordpress plugin development.

A given functionality may require a specific wordpress plugin. Although there are plenty of plugins, a situation may arise whereby a specific plugin is not readily available. In such a case, we are always ready to develop the customised plugin for you. We have expertly developed specific wordpress plugins for different purposes. Some of the plugins that we have ever developed facilitate formatting of content on wordpress websites. We can surely develop any type of a wordpress plugin that you may request.

Search engine optimisation.

This is another service that our customers often request from us. Usually, a search engine optimised website has a higher ranking than a similar site which is not optimised. However, search engine optimisation is a skill that must be offered by competent and experienced service providers. Search engine optimisation requires the service provider to have a thorough understanding of keyword density. If keywords are over-used, they will not flow naturally within the content. Our team of experts ensure that your website is perfectly optimised and its content flows smoothly without stuffing of keywords.

E-commerce website design.

This service facilitates electronic buying and selling of goods. With an e-commerce website, a seller of digital products does not need to transport his/her products to the buyers. In addition, the buyers do not need to carry cash to make payments. All payments are made electronically through the e-commerce website. Electronic means of payment such as Payapal, use of Payoneer Master Cards and credit cards are usually employed in an e-commerce website. The e-commerce site must have some special features to facilitate electronic payments. In addition, it must allow customers to dowload the digital products. These are the essential features of an e-commerce website.

Our e-commerce website developers can design and develop an e-commerce site for you very professionally.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote, on 0800 975 5375 or visit : http://www.webpopdesign.com


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